The peak of your success is where you know your talent and based on it, you will be in the work environment that you love and that is in line with your intellectual values. That's where the masterpiece happened



VV is a sport platform connecting both coaches and athletes in order for them to workout more effectively and consciously. The platform contains in-person classes and online classes as well as a training plan along with a variety of other facilities. It helps people to reach their goals easier and obtain the best result from the amount of time and money they are investing in.

Karabiz is a Platform for preparing the youth to enter the business market and entrepreneurship Accompanied by prominent professors and successful entrepreneurs. Karabiz’s Mission is to discover and nurture talents, empowerment and leadership of the youth in the context of business and altering attitudes towards new businesses.

Founded and created the Oxygen Group Sports facilities brand and established the initial brand guidelines. Successfully have been leading the brand along with team of executives and board of directors to become an industry leader in Iran. Constantly developing and expanding the brand by means of diversification to reconcile with current market trends.


Along the shores of Chabahar, beautiful bracelets are made out of pure love and art by little girls of the Sistan and Baluchestan province. Amirhossein Farzaneh with the idea of teaching them how to sell these fascinating artistic handworks aimed to develop their economic welfare. in hopes of trying to build a future that is not yet written and could be written together.

Being born by Amirhossein Farzaneh and his friends with the context of co-operation and contributing to financial development as well as the empowerment of the people in the deprived areas, Damanaa is a public welfare project designed with the assistance of Iranian people. It was only after the devastating Sistan and Baluchestan flood.

Delli Where? is a campaign that started with the core value of being there for one another.The aim of the project was to contribute to the vulnerable households, facing difficulty accessing to food and sanitation due to the Coronavirus pandemic.