Be prepared by Amir Hossein Farzaneh, responsible for designing and holding these competitions:

This competition had a long process, we started the competition with 605 people and in the final stage, 8 people competed with each other. These competitions do not have a special trustee, as we held the first fitness course and we saw that many athletes from different disciplines participated in these competitions. By holding these competitions, we just realized what pure and hidden talents we have in the country’s sports, and we can use them with proper and principled planning, in the hope that one day these athletes will be able to raise the proud flag of our country in international competitions.

This match with this amazing welcome creates an opportunity to have a league. There has always been a vacancy for a league in bodybuilding and this can be beneficial for the whole bodybuilding family.

Various items were designed and implemented in these competitions. Amir Hossein Farzaneh explained about the design of the competitions: “In these competitions, we designed an item that, no doubt, if a foreigner had done this, it would have been remembered in our sport for a long time.”

Another item requires strength, speed and endurance, but the interesting thing we did was that the athlete had to choose the weight he wanted from the day before and without seeing his opponents and the conditions they have, he planned only by paying attention and relying on his own abilities. This made this item very special.

The head of the Shemiranat bodybuilding board in Tehran province said the following about the level of the second stage and the final of the competition: “The items of this stage are definitely more difficult than the items of the previous stages.”

The plan was for only eight people to reach the final, limited athletes were able to do some items. As in the final stage, two people were able to do the last item.

Amir Hossein Farzaneh said about the prizes of the competitions: the top three people of the stand-by competitions were awarded a cash prize of 50 million Tomans. The first person received 25 million Tomans, the second person 15 million Tomans and the third person 10 million Tomans, which is equivalent to an international award given to athletes in this field in the world. Of course, this award is really small compared to the ability of these athletes, and I hope we can increase the awards in the next stages.