Amirhossein Farzaneh

Karabiz Business School

The narrative of our lives is shaped by choices, choosing and being chosen. At Karabiz, we want to provide you with a solution and a platform so that you can be the best option in the competitive market and choose the best options.

We want to help you, the new generation of the country, to control the narrative of your life.

Karabiz is the place of your transformation from a latent talent to a capable and purposeful person. Our goal is to prepare you to enter the business world, whether you are a job seeker or an entrepreneur, with the help of targeted trainings, exercises and internships and creative solutions. You come to Karabiz as a raw youth and you leave it as a skilled worker. We are the missing link in human capital education and the link between education and work.

Steps to enter Karabiz, you can enter Karabiz at any age and any level of education, registration is very easy and the cost of the course is small compared to the value it creates for you.

In the basic course, you learn the necessary and basic skills of the labor market, in the mentorship course, you have interactive online classes with professors and entrepreneurs and get to know real experiences. During the work experience period, we provide you the opportunity to work in the best businesses throughout the year.